When you live in a resort area, for instance Lake Arrowhead and other towns in the San Bernardino Trash in Trash Out When Visiting the MountainsMountains, you quickly learn that you'll be sharing the beautiful forest with tourists, or flat-landers as we kindly refer to them.  We don't mind sharing. In fact, our area thrives on tourism. Without it we couldn't survive. So welcome one and all.

All we ask is that when you come up for an afternoon to experience, perhaps, new fallen snow, that you take back home what you brought with you: be it a crunched up paper sack from lunch, a babies soiled diaper or a newly broken plastic sled.  Please, please, please, take them home with you.

Another good idea when you're coming up in winter is to check "road conditions" and "weather." If we've had snow, you may need (most likely will) chains. Buy them before you head up the mountain because you won't know where you may be stopped by CalTrans and told to "put them on," or turn around and go back down.

Also, please don't stop your car just anywhere after seeing snow. Look for a good safe pull out or somewhere off the main road, which quite often will be a Highway! Highways are no place to pull over and let a car load of loved hop out. I know they're excited, but think safety first, snow play second. 

Now, come on up, come on out and enjoy the mountains.  We really do welcome you here. We just want you safe and we want to keep our mountain clean.