Lake Arrowhead California

Lake Arrowhead CA ~ Southern California's mile high resort. With four mild seasons, Lake Arrowhead is a perfect place to live and play.  Nestled in the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Arrowhead has always been known as "The Alps of Southern California" and one of the west coasts best kept secrets. 

LAKE ARROWHEAD IS A PRIVATE LAKE. When you live in Lake Arrowhead or one of
 Lake Arrowhead's surrounding towns, and you want "lake rights" so you can put a boat on the lake, fish or ski, you MUST own property within certain boundaries. For many buyers this isn't important, but for others it is a MUST.

 ARROWHEAD WOODS ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE  (AWAC) was formed (and there are CC&R's) to protect and in-force the controlling of tree trimming and removal and proposed house, garage and other structure plans.  See this boundary map of properties within "lake rights." Lake Arrowhead Map

ARROWHEAD LAKE ASSOCIATION (ALA) serves its members and the community who choose to be apart of the Association and who lives within lake rights and owns property in Arrowhead Woods.  See the  dock map here.

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